Water Filters

Water will absorb minerals from the ground as it percolates through the different rock, clay and soil types. Minerals or compounds such as Calcium carbonate will get absorbed making the water alkaline (often referred to incorrectly as ‘hard water’). Alkaline water can result in the formation of limescale on pipework, when the water is heated. A well established remedy for this is the introduction of a water softener. 

Softeners come in a variety of sizes and work by removing the offending Calcium carbonate compound from the water using an ION exchange process.

An alternative solution is to introduce a media that gets the calcium carbonate to bond to it rather than to pipework. As a result the Calcium passes through the system leaving the pipework unaffected.

We are installers and distributors for both systems and if you would like further information on either or both solutions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Domestic Water Filters

  • Under sink
  • Whole house

Commercial and Industrial

We can supply replacement filters and parts for most makes of water filter including string wound, spun, pleated and bags.

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